Kim Wilde has found love with the English Michel Drucker

Thanks to Chris, she is finally out of the terrible depression which undermined her since her separation from her husband.

Unrecognizable! One of the biggest pop stars of recent years, the beautiful blond Wilde Kim, 33, whose pout is as famous as her songs had become unrecognizable!

Bloated, neglected, walking arond in a bathrobe all day at home, she could not get out of the terrible depression that she plunged into after her sudden break with jazz musician Calvin Hayes. And then, suddenly another Kim Wilde appeared on tv and in recording studios! Kim Wilde is resurrected, transformed, more beautiful than the most beautiful days of his career! The explanation of this phenomenon? Love, of course! Love, Kim Wilde found with … the English Michel Drucker!

“I feel swept away by a hurricane,” Kim told us, beaming. The “hurricane” in question is as famous as she is in England. His name is Chris Evans, he’s 27 years old, and has a very popular show, “Big Breakfast”, a sort of tele-morning tonic and charming. The day his co-presenter left to go to work on another channel, Chris had the idea to ask a different star every week at his side for the programme. And the first he asked for that “service”, you guessed it, it’s just … Kim Wilde!

Current flows between them immediately. And before the eye of viewers between Kim and Richard a complicity occurs which is not long to look like tenderness … before transforming into a true passion! If Kim is literally transformed by favorite before the cameras, Richard is not less. The young star presenter of the BBC has indeed experience a painful divorse his wife Carol … after just 18 months of marriage!

Thus, two hearts wounded by life who come to meet each other and heal their wounds. Thanks to Chris, Kim is finally out of the terrible depression that undermined since the separation from her husband. As for Chris, he now sees the life… in songs.