Kim Wilde is going to think

Kim Wilde is obviously suffering from a lack of inspiration. After having been out of the spotlights for some time, she is coming with a new single which we can categorize under ‘insipid covers’. Because we’re not really waiting for a new recording of ‘If I can’t have you’ (from ‘Saturday Night Fever’, remember?)
She has put the song along with her other hits on the cd ‘The Singles Collection 1981/’93’. Is Kim suffering from ‘writers block’? She is giving a different reason for it herself: “until now there hasn’t been a compilation of my biggest hits, so it was time to do it. I see it as an ending of a period that’s behind me.”
But what about the period that’s before her? “You could say that I’ve started a new life. I’ve recently moved back to the countryside where my parents live. London and the whole music scene there started to bore me terribly. Now I can think again. After promoting this cd I will take the time for it. Maybe I will start to make different music.”
Would things be alright for Kim again?