Kim Wilde: joy, pain and song

[Translated for Wilde Life by Krasimira]

The singer about herself:
Date of birth: 18.11.60
Residence: London
Height: 170cm
Weight: No idea
Eye color: blue
Parents: Joyce and Marty Wilde
Brothers and sisters: Ricki and Marty
Childhood dream: to become dancer
The brightest childhood memory: meeting Santa
Preferred sport: ski
Favorite movies: horror movies
Preferred resort route: winter resort
Favorite cuisine: Italian and Thai
Favorite color: black
Musical instrument played: piano
Hobby: painting and buying antiques
Adores: music, sun and laughter
Hates: environmental waste
Strongest will: world in perfect harmony
Idea of a romantic evening: spent in the company of a charming and witty man
The first thing that impresses her in a man: Sense of humor and gentlemanliness
The most valuable things in her home: A French desk-lamp
Self-description: tolerant, optimistic and self-absorbed

Slightly more than a decade ago, a blond girl makes her first steps in the pop music, encouraged by her father (rock musician) and her brother (rock singer). Kim Wilde has excellent voice qualities, attractive looks and most importantly – a will to sing. Her debut single “Kids In America” (1981) and the following first album “Kim Wilde” are a successful start but they also obliged the young singer to work on her vocal techniques and stage appearance. Her songs are played in the discos (amongst them is the undeniable hit “View From A Bridge”) and win Kim many fans in home Britain as well as in Europe. She records two more albums in the next couple of years – “Select” and “Catch As Catch Can”, and in 1984 she makes her debut as a songwriter and producer in her new LP “Teases and Dares”. The album however does not have the expected success and for two years Wilde stays away from the charts and press clamour. Nevertheless, the singer believes that the fate is on her side and it smiles at her again – in 1988 she is invited to join the 5-month-long world tour of Michael Jackson. The press starts writing about Kim with an excitement again, especially after the release of her next album “Close”. It is more than successful and reveals a new Wilde – matured and sensible, sincere and openhearted in her songs. Maybe that success is the reason the next album “Love Moves” to be perceived not that good from her fans and the critics described it as a step back, emphasizing on the monotony and uniformity of the compositions. The press garrulously started to explain that this is due to her love problems and the fact that she is into a battle with her weight and suffers a heavy depression. But her loyal fans believed that she won’t stay alone with the pain and problems, and they were reworded – in 1992 they were holding her new album in their hands “Love is”, charged with energy, emotionality and spirit. With this album the blond singer bravely stepped across the second decade of her career, refuting her own words from year and a half ago that there is nothing but pain in her life.