Kim Wilde prefers to do it alone

Kim is what you might call a family animal. In the twelve years she is performing, her mother, father and brother were always on her side. Mama took care of the business side, father wrote the songs and brother Rick wrote and produced. They made hits like ‘Kids in America’, ‘Chequered love’, ‘Water on glass’, ‘Cambodia’ and ‘View from a bridge’.

Then Kim began to feel bad about it. “I don’t like having to depend on my father and brother”, she said recently. She decided to try and write songs for herself. That resulted in songs like ‘You came’, ‘Never trust a stranger’ and ‘Four letter word’ (1988).
Last year ‘Love is’ was released. Kim worked on the CD in peace and quiet. She’d left busy London and moved to the English countryside. Because she feels more relaxed and selfassured, the lyrics seem to come from the green, fertile land. Kim proves it: she is back completely.