Kim Wilde visits Argentina: A goddess among us

Over the past few days, one of the most successful voices of British pop landed fleetingly in Buenos Aires to promote a compilation that gathers the hits of her twelve year trajectory. Kim Wilde chatted with GX about the secrets of her success and experiences with Michael Jackson.

Sometimes the photos lie, but not this time: Kim Wilde is a true goddess. GX was able to check when a few days ago he interviewed her at the Hyatt Hotel. One of the most successful voices of British pop that happened briefly by our country to promote “The Singles Collection”, a compilation that unites the best songs of her career. Kim started her way early in the ’80s – a decade that saw many bands and soloists born – but unlike many who disappeared, she survived and continues to be in force.

“I think there are two reasons why I’m still in the race,” explains Kim Wilde. “On the one hand, I’m surrounded by a very talented team, and on the other, I have a positive attitude towards work. There are people in the middle who are self-destructive but I’m always well prepared to work.” That “team” that always accompanies her is none other than her own family, since her mother is the manager, and her father and brother Ricky are in charge of the compositions.
It was through “Close” (1988) when the attractive blonde touched the sky with her hands. Five songs from that album entered the Top Forty, a fact that not only made her a great star, but allowed the very same Michael Jackson to call her as the opening act of her European tour. “Going on tour with Michael Jackson allowed me to discover that, even though you can get very high artistically, life becomes very miserable. There was a lot of pressure for the successor to ‘Close’ to be as much or more successful, but we could not achieve it. Anyway, every time I go into a studio, I just worry about recording good songs and not whether it’s going to be a super-selling product,” reflects Kim.

Today, after touring Brazil and Argentina, the British vocalist returned to tour the presentation of “The Singles Collection” that takes her to different European stages.