Kim Wilde was scared to death

‘If I can’t have you’ is the newest single by Kim Wilde. After a long time it is a new musical highpoint from the English singer, which this time the Bee Gees are responsible for. The Bee Gees, consisting of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, wrote the composition. Kim Wilde has taken over a year to make the choice for this new single, in accordance with her record company.
Dozens of songs have been tried and tested. But it seems that ‘If I can’t have you’ turns out to have been an excellent choice. A week after its release the single entered the bubbling under charts at number 11. For Kim Wilde the success of this new single is very important. Her prolonged absence made her slightly unsure. ‘It was scary’, she said a little while ago, ‘I hope my fans haven’t forgotten about me’.