Minitime: Kim Wilde

‘The best period was right at the beginning, when I started to get success. I flew from one country to another, everything was new to me and made a big impression.’ Kim sits in her chair and smiles with the memories. ‘I thought I knew all about life. Of course I was hopelessly naive and I had to learn what life was really about.’ Kim is in the charts for 13 years now and soon the greatest hits cd ‘The Singles Collection’ will be released, with songs like View From A Bridge, Cambodia, Love Blonde, You Came, The Second Time and Love Is. A good excuse to look back. ‘Chequered Love is still my favourite song. Also because it’s from that time, during which it was total chaos.’

At the moment Kim is high in the charts again, with the Yvonne Elliman cover ‘If I Can’t Have You’ this time, a Barry Gibb composition. Although it is a pleasing number it doesn’t match Kim’s own compositions. Kim: ‘It isn’t the best vocal performance, I grant you. But I wanted to release a single and the new songs that I am writing (together with Simon Climie – ed.) were either not good enough or not really singles material. That’s why we recorded this cover version.’

The song is mixed by Phil Kelsey and shows a very danceable Kim. Is she moving in a different direction. ‘No, not really. As a chart artist you always have to keep up with trends. At the moment it’s primarily dance music. But I am not really changing direction.’

What does Kim think about still being a sex symbol after all these years? ‘It does not bother me. I rather like it. As long as I am in control and I can control how to present myself.’