Q&A: Kim Wilde: Blonde tradition

Kim Wilde has been a pop star since Kylie was still reading Dolly. She’s also always been a total clothes horse. Her album covers serve as fashion barometers for the last decade, and the 80’s were not always kind to Kim. But now in her 30’s she’s looking better than ever and we’re asking the questions no one else would dare.

What was the last item of clothing you bought and where did you find it?
A red crochet waistcoat from Myers in Perth!

Were you born to rock or born to shop?
I was born to ROCK!

Are leather pants essential for hitting the stage in?

Tell us your most effective hangover cure…
If you have a good one you please tell me.

Who is your favorite supermodel?
Christy Turlington, she has the face of an angel.

Who would you like to see replace Marky Mark as a model for Calvin Klein underwear?
Alex Dimitriades.

What is the favourite video you’ve done and why?
Say you really want me. It was SO steamy we did a 12″ version. Two days of bliss and four gorgeous guys.

What’s the worst thing about being blonde?
Three hours at the hairdresser looking like an iditot in tin foil. SO dull.

Do you do your own laundry – if so are you a powdered or liquid detergent kinda person?
Either as long as it is eco friendly.

Who would be best to play you in Kim Wilde – The Movie?
My sister Roxanne.

Are young boys your weakness?
The truth is – I’m theirs!

Describe the last film you saw in three words.
Sleepless in Seattle. Sweet romantic comedy.

What song can make you cry?
Nightingales and I remember that by Prefab Sprout.

What do you think your biggest fashion crime has been to date?
The lycra bodysuit wrapped in bandage and 12″ stiletto and long blonde hairpiece was pretty scary – 1985.

Which show would you take a guest role in and why? Beverly Hills 90210, Home & Away, The Simpsons, Heartbreak High.
I adore The Simpsons, I’d like to talk about the meaning of life with Lisa.

Who is your favorite Minogue?

What makes a man sexy?
A sharp sense of humour.

If your wardrobe suddenly caught fire what would you save?
The dress I’m wearing. I bought it in LA. A simple brown/gold bias cut hippy chick number.

Describe your usual Saturday night
Every night is a Saturday night. There is no routine to my social life.

Who would you like to be for a day?
A top ice skater in training.

What would we find if we emptied your handbag right now?
A bungee certificate from Perth. My tour schedule and a walkman.

Name your dest dressed man and woman
Anthony Kiedes from Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bjork.