Remember my name

Through the past 12 months the pages of the Age Entertainment Guide have groaned under the weight of massed celebrity ego. Here’s a sample.


Kim Wilde
“I was just singing the thoughts that were coming from my dad, quite innocently: I didn’t even think about it. The music sort of had the vibe and didn’t really have too many deep meanings.
“My dad, being in the business, he very much took fame and the things that went with it as a tool of the trade, something you could enjoy, but very much a tool. I just remember thinking ‘this is something that works, this is a trick of the trade… I can use my image, or my energy, or my sexuality, or my sensuality. I can use being a woman, I can use my personality to help me do what I want to do. And I never confused it – well, maybe once or twice, I’m only human – but in general I don’t think I ever confused it with who I was.”