Ripper crazy for Kim Wilde

Serial killer Joel Rifkin met and kissed pop star Kim Wilde after becoming infatuated with her. The New York Ripper, who chopped up 20 prostitutes in his garage, even took a photo of the 32-year-old British singer during a publicity tour in 1987.
She was in New York to promote her single You Keep Me Hanging On. Rifkin also pecked her on the cheek.
More than half the hookers he slaughtered were blondes like Kim. And the girl he had chosen as his next victim is a Kim lookalike.

When police raided Rifkin’s home they found his bedroom walls covered with posters of the star. And the 35-year-old listened to her songs on a tape player in the truck he used to carry victim’s bodies.
John Laftino, who knew Rifkin, said: “He had this thing about Kim. She was never big in the States. But he loved her. His favourite track was Kids in America.”
Last night, Kim’s manager Nick Boyles was trying to contact her. The name of a New York prostitute was also found at Rifkin’s Long Island home. Police are convinced the girl, a Kim lookalike called Carlotte, would have been his next victim.