900 fans sang with Kim Wilde “We’re the kids in Magdeburg”

The shoulder-length blond hair in sexy leather clothes and in high spirits – that’s how Kim Wilde conquered the AMO on Saturday. After 14 years in the music business she stepped on stage in Magdeburg for the first time. “I know that I’ve always had a lot of friends here. It’s great to finally stand in front of you now”, said Kim, and the fans cheered.

“Today we want to sing old hits and really have a fun evening,” cried the musician, who had entered the stage shortly after 20 o’clock, and already it started – with one catchy song after the other. Even after the second song “View From a Bridge” the applause didn’t end. Kim clearly enjoyed this. She’s not one to sing song after song and pay not attention to the audience. Again and again she spoke to her fans and boosted the mood with sayings like: “Is it true that you have here the best voices in Magdeburg?” “Yes!” it rang  back from 900 throats. “Then prove it – sing!” Kim asked, whirling around the stage and sang with the entire AMO “You keep me hangin ‘on.”

If the audience is not continuously clapping and singing, this was definitely not on Kim, but rather at the sound level. In the first rows, the acoustics were quite modest. Despite this the dynamic singer managed to whip up the audience time and again.
Her five-man band plus backup singer was in high spirits, and Kim let it do not take it in detail to the public. For the guitarist (Kim: “He is our hero”) the whole band knelt down. “And our bass guitarist Phil Williams I dare not introduce,” said Kim. “He is so sexy that I blush when I just look at him!” On keyboards, the Briton had familial support: her brother Ricky Wilde. Kim Wilde was really wild for “Love Blonde”. She took off her black leather jacket, under which she wore a perky body, took the clip from the ambitious hair and ruffled through her blonde mane.

At the encore, Kim began with a disappointing message: “I’m sorry, but we are not gonna play ‘Kids in America’. The band refused,” Kim announced. Catcalls in the hall. “Okay, I just said they would play a similar song – namely ‘Kids in Magdeburg.” The room went wild with enthusiasm, and they all sang loudly with the new title.
After nearly a half hour to an exhausted Kim Wilde goodbye with the words “You were a great audience!” Hopefully we will not wait another 14 years until she comes back to us.