Audience makes up for lost time with Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde was pleasantly surprised by the reception she got, yesterday in Vredenburg. The English singer herself thought that thirteen years is a long time to stay away (Note: it was 13 years ago that Kim performed in Vredenburg, but she did perform at other venues in Holland – MR). It wasn’t a problem for the audience: they just made up for it this evening.
It led to events that hadn’t happened at this venue in a long time during the concert, which lasted for about an hour and a half. Enormous applauses, up and down waving people and singing, like the refrain of the song ‘Kids in America’.
There was a lot of reason to get excited. Kim Wilde, blonde, sexy and 33 years of age by now, was looking very seductive, especially when the short black T-shirt was left as the only clothing above the black leather pants. Meanwhile, she flirted a lot. She came close to the edge of the stage, so the group of male fans could fondle her legs. She also smiled seductively at the people at the back lots of times.
The fact that she was recovering from a cold did barely have an influence on the concert. Only the ballads at the start of the concert were not executed perfectly, but that was made up for by the Wilde-explosion of hits, of which she had a lot since 1981. They were so well written, that songs like ‘Water on glass’ and ‘Chequered love’ still sound as nice as ever.
The only handicap seems to be her voice, which with its nasal tone offers limited possibilities, but which she uses in such a way that the audience is never irritated. On the contrary, the fans (young as well as old) are hanging on her every word. Maybe the attractiveness is created by the hitmachine Kim seems to transform in and as such makes the evening a feast of recognition.
Between hits such as the beautiful ‘Cambodia’ and ‘View from a bridge’ she gets love letters, teddybears and flowers, and makes efforts to keep the too short t-shirt in her pants.
During the explosion of well-known sounds she is surrounded by reasoably colorless musicians. They are perfect accompaniments, no more. Only guitarist Steve Byrd and keyboard-player Ricki Wilde (her brother) choose the spotlight now and then, but not too brutally. It does not hinder the concert, which meant a nice confrontation with Kim Wilde. Can the next concert happen a bit sooner?