Duchess Sarah did not dare to lose clothes on film: Kim Wilde wants Fergie’s nude role

The singer Kim Wilde, 33, has said yes to a movie role in which she should be whipped naked by Roman soldiers. The role was originally offered to Duchess Sarah of York, but Fergie politely but decisively declined. Pictures of her sunbathing topless gave her enough pain.

The offer was made by the provocative English film director Ken Russell, and Fergie was both puzzled and flattered by the interest. Kim Wilde is thrilled with Fergie’s refusal and sees the role of a gift from heaven. She has long wanted to switch from song to movie, and there will be sensation about this debut. Not least because many will try to imagine how Fergie would have filled the role. Kim Wilde will be playing Queen Boadicea, who raised the British rebellion against the Roman occupation power of the time of Gorm the Old. She cost 70,000 Romans life before she was caught and whipped to death. A gruesome final that Kim Wilde now has to put on when Fergie doesn’t want to.