Karaoke Kim on the sunny side of the slopes

For someone said to be heartbroken, Kim Wilde was giving a good impression of having the time of her life yesterday.

Some sources have suggested that the 33-year-old singer’s skiing holiday in Austria is aimed at helping her recover from her split with Big Breakfast presenter Chris Evans. But rather than moping among the moguls, Miss Wilde is living it up both on and off the slopes. Kim has been the life and soul of the party – and there have been qiute a few of those over the last few days, said one of her companions. During the day, she has skied and made the most of the motorised snowbike and mountainside paragliding facilities. And for the last two nights, as well  sjoing the locals on bar crawls, she has been the star attraction in the Schic karaoke bar, the fashionable resort’s number one nightspot.


‘She gave an impressive rendition of the James Taylor song You’ve Got A Friend – not that she needed to advertise for company’, said her friend. ‘Kim looked tanned and terrific and there was no shortage of admirers’.  One of those seems to be her strapping ski instructor Christian, who has joined Miss Wilde, her brother Marty and sister Roxanne several times for drink. Her friend described the relationship as ‘strictly professional’.

In contrast to the goings on at St Anton, Evans is in bed at his North London home recovering from the flu. The illness has kept him off screen for the last two days. A friend of 29-year-old Evans denied last night that the presenter and Miss Wilde fell out because he went on a boys-only skiing holiday of his own. ‘Chris didn’t go on a skiing holiday, in fact he spent much of Christmas with Kim’, he said. ‘They both decided to part between Christmas and New Year. It was a mutual thing and had a lot to do with the pressure of their careers. They are both very ambitious people.’