Kim Wilde: “Hit concert” remained pale – now a chance in film?

“The Hits Concerts” is the title of the still sweet Brit Kim Wilde for her current concert tour, with which she is currently touring Germany – to an extent that has not been the case for years. In this context, she also made a guest appearance at Bremer Aladin last Thursday. But what is left but to play the old hits when there is a lack of convincing new material? Kim Wilde’s first mega-hit “Kids in America” ​​was re-recorded, “edited” by the dancefloor kings Cappella, who messed up the oldie so much that every listening pleasure is gone. But at least the band spared the Aladin audience the superfluous dance floor grooves in the live version.

After 13 years of being a pop star, Kim Wilde can look back on a good half dozen chart successes (including “Cambodia”, “Chequered Love” or “You Keep Me Hanging On”), which were evenly distributed in the almost 90-minute set The 33-year-old has benefited little from this extensive stage experience. Whether she is angry or romantic – the listener hardly noticed. At times the actors on the stage looked like an aging school band. Only with Iggy Pop’s “Real Wild (e) Child” in the encore (nice play on words!) they came up with a bit of speed.

All in all, the concert clearly revealed why Kim Wilde is currently on the decline and why she is currently celebrating her greatest successes in Estonia and Lithuania. But the British woman doesn’t have to worry about that, after all, show business has other options waiting for her: it is whispered that she will play the ancient queen Boadicea in the autumn in the new film by director Ken Russell at the side of Oliver Reed and Peter O’Toole. A role originally intended for Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Maybe the start of a second career. She certainly doesn’t fail in terms of optics.