Kim Wilde: the blonde from London in Belgium

At last minute, a date has become available for Belgium. Kim Wilde will be in Charleroi, on June 28 in the Salle de l’Eden, before at most 700 persons. It will be the smallest hall during her tour.

It’s official: Kim Wilde will be in concert in Charleroi. She is momentarily on tour in Europe: Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, germany, sweden, France… this series of concerts will end in the Netherlands, on June 29. Do you remember, it was in 1981. A young English woman appeared in the programmes for young people. She’s 20 years old, her nameis Kim Wilde and she sings “Kids in America”. That title was a mystery. A success without a future? Undoubtedly. For proof, during that age people listened to Adam and the Ants, Ultravox, Toyah, Shaky, Madness and Joe Dolce. They all disappeared from the radio by now. But thirteen years later, Kim Wilde is still here.

Born to be Wilde

During that time, she has released almost ten albums and had hits with ‘Cambodia’, ‘Chequered love’, ‘iew from a bridge’, ‘Love blonde’, ‘You keep me hanging on’ (a reprise of the Supremes hit). She has also performed in support of David Bowie and Michael Jackson (notably in the Parc des princes, in ’85); sung Belle-Ile en mer in French, live an in duet with Laurent Voulzy on TF1, stopped smoking and won a few pounds.
Kim always works with her family. Her father, composer and manager, worked with Lulu, winner of the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest; her mother is an ‘incredible business woman’, she says, and her brother Ricky has written many successes. She lives on the countryside, north of Londonm, where she also has her own recording studio. With the last news, Kim is always blonde. See for yourself on June 28.