Kim Wilde’s lifestyle

Thirteen hits and already at the top for thirteen years: Kim Wilde (33) needs no introduction. But what kind of a life does she live outside of Ahoy [concert venue in the Netherlands] and her tempting videos?

What makes you cry?
The film ‘Truly, madly, deeply’. My family in good and bad times (especially good times). I usually cry out of joy, not out of sadness.

What is the bestseller of all times for you?
My single ‘Cambodia’ is my personal bestseller.

Do you have a motto or a favourite quote?
‘Less is more’

Where were you last thursday night and where will you go this Sunday?
Last thursday I was in Bournemouth. I opened a restaurant there as the patron of the Friedreich Ataxia foundation. This is a coordination disability. A percentage of the profits of the restaurant will go to research. I have nothing planned for this Sunday.

What film role is perfect for you?
An unfairly treated spy in a gangster movie from the fourties. I can walk around in the most fabulous clothes and look very mysterious. Great!

What would you have wanted to spare yourself in the area of sex?

What lies next to your bed?
A cat comb, my alarm, tissues and the book that I’m reading: ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay.

Where can they leave you blindfolded?
In my house, in the gym or on Heathrow Airport, no problem.

What is your favourite fantasy?
To jump in a plane with a friend, destination unknown.

What do you always have in your home?
Pesto and cat food

What’s in your cd player?
The new one from rap trio ‘House of pain’.

What and where do you prefer to eat?
Thai food, in Thailand.

When is it impossible for you to control yourself?
When I’m tired and stressed.

There is a card in your mailbox, what’s on it and who sent it?
Probably something filthy from my best friend Clare, who works abroad a lot (especially in Holland).

What are you afraid of?
Mankind, the biggest danger for our planet.

Compile your favourite trio.
Wine, good food and good company.

What do you find the most beautiful and the most ugly about yourself?
I like my lips, I dislike my legs.

What do you collect?
Tea cans from all over the world, for in my kitchen.

What kind of an animal would you like to be?
A bird, I want to fly over the Grand Canyon.

Where do you like to put your teeth in?

Who’s irresistible to you and why?
My cat Theo. He’s two years old now and I couldn’t live without him.

What do you hate?
Autograph hunters on my doorstep.

What are you wearing right now?
Sandals from Vivienne Westwood, which I bought ten years ago. A woolen overall, a black velvet jacket and a leather cord with a cross made of moonstone from Thailand.

Where do you like to make love?

A big box is delivered to you. What’s in it?
This happens once a year: I get an enormous gift basket from my record company.

What is the best invention?

You come to a big party and oops, you forgot your…
Compact powder. I hate to shine.

What is the ultimate work of art for you?
All pre-Rafaelite paintings. They are so subtle and mysterious. Their world is romantic, just like mine. I really am touched when I see their work in the National Gallery.