Lovesick Kim on the road again

British pop star Kim Wilde is hitting the road around Aussie pubs and clubs with one aim in mind – to mend her broken heart.
“I’ve been embroiled in the affair of a lifetime – it was all a bit too much”, she said. “Now I’m down here licking my wounds – it’s been a difficult few months and it’s been great to get on the road and leave it behind.”
It’s Kim’s first Australian tour though she has visited here before and made at least one new fan when Heartbreak Kid Alex Dimitriades made a play for her at the Australian Music Awards last year.
The two renewed their friendship last week when they co-hosted Take 40 TV but Kim vigorously proclaims they are just good friends.
Romance aside, Kim is quick to declare that she wants to stop dwlling on the past 13 years of her career and get on with new challenges.
Since the release of The Singles Collection, she has spent the past 12 months analysing the ins and outs, ups and downs of her life in the public eye. And she’s even been asked to proclaim on the state of music in general.
Wilde said: “I spent the whole of last year promoting the greatest hits collection and that’s probably why I am itching to get on with new things. I have tried to be as enlightening about it and give my best considered responses about the history of my own career but it gets a bit tough when someone wants to know what music will last into the whatever.”
With nine albums and 26 singles to her credit, Kim is now considering her future direction. Film and TV beckon and a recent stint co-hosting Britain’s Big Breakfast program whetted her appetite.
“I guess the perception of me in front of the camera is of striking sexy poses in videos”, Kim laughed. “But I’m proud of what I achieved on the Big Breakfast show and working live was a great experience. I would like to change the perception of me as simply being a commercial pop-oriented artist, although I’m not about to stop making music.”

Wilde performs an all ages show at Australia’s Wonderland on Saturday.