Oh Evans! It’s my two exes: Kim and Carol hit the town together

Chris Evans’s jilted wife Carol and his ex-girlfriend Kim Wilde enjoyed a boozy night on the town together.

They spent more than five hours at a hen party for a mutual friend at the posh Tramp nightclub in London’s West End. Kim, 32, and Carol, 34, rolled up giggling in a chauffeur-driven Bentley.
Then they strolled into the club, arm-in-arm with their pal Louise and another girl.
Carol, a radio producer with Virgin 1215, split from Chris last summer after 18 months of marriage. She still wears her wedding ring.
She hit the dancefloor with Kim, whose romance with the Big Breakfast star broke up at Christmas. Then the girls sat down to enjoy a few drinks.
Carol said: “I’d never met Kim before, but I knew she was going to be there and didn’t have a problem with it. We ended up having a fantastic time. And we hardley ever spoke about HIM. Idon’t know what Chris would make of it – and I don’t really care.”
Chris, who is on holiday, is now dating Rachel Tatton-Brown, the hostess on his Channel 4 show Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush.