Stars fix a broken heart

Breaking up is hard to do – but it’s harder to mend your broken heart. And we discovered that even the famous know that only too well.

We wrote to a selection of celebrities posing as an unemployed teenage girl whose fella had dumped er for her best friend. She was desperate and pleaded for advice. Some of the replies are printed below. Pop star Kim Wilde proved she’s got a heart of gold when it comes to affairs of the heart.

But others were less than sympathetic – Princess Diana got a lady-in-waiting to reply on her behalf. And Darling Buds Of May star Catherine Zeta-Jones merely sent a signed photograph. In our letter we said:

I know you must be very busy, but you seem to be a very caring person and I think you might be able to help me. Six months ago I split up with my boyfriend Craig in the most horrible way. He went off with my friend and I was left to find out by accident because he didn’t have the nerve to tell me himself.
Since then I’ve tried everything to get over him with no luck. I cry all the time and even though my mum says things will get better, they’re just getting worse. I think about him all the time and can’t get him off my mind. I’m 17 years old and unemployed. My life isn’t glamorous like yours but I know you’ve also had heartache in the past. I wondered if you could give me any tips on how to get over Craig because it’s taking over my life.

Yours desperately,
Joanne Johnson.

Kim Wilde

Here is the first of two replies Kim sent to “Joanne”. The second apologised for forgetting to stamp the first.

You’ve been badly treated by people you thought you could trust and you are sad and disillusioned. The pain feels all consuming and it will take courage and time to disappear.

Can you really respect or even like people who could let you down so badly? You’re better off without people like that in your life.

Do what you can to keep yourself busy. This will give you self-esteem and keep your mind from sad thoughts. Always fight back for yourself. Fight for your right to have fun in life. Work at it.

Don’t expect good things to fall into your lap. There are people for you out there to share life with in positive and happy ways. Don’t be crushed by the first two who let you down. People like Craig and your friend will probably always be letting somebody down, including themselves.

Rise above this, be kind and try to forgive. Someone else waits for you. The pain WILL gradually go and you WILL emerge a stronger and wiser girl.

PS Please let me know how life treats you. I hope this letter brings you some courage.