Wilder and Wilder : Kim has never looked so sexy

Kim Wilde is back – and she’s more blonde, busty and beautiful than ever.

Looking like a cross between Monroe and Bardot, the raunchy pop princess has flown into Britain after wowing fans in Australia.
And judging by our exclusive photos, curvey Kim’s trip down under has worked wonders for her up top.
The 33-year-old sex kitten puts it down in love, healthy living – and swimming naked in the sea. She says: “I’m sure all that splashing around has shaped me up in all the right places.”
And, as many girls find, a Wonderbra also helps. Kim – whose European tour opens in Copenhagen on May 10 and finishes in London at the end of June – adds: “I generally don’t feel very comfortable about getting out my boobs. They definitely have a time and a place. But it’s quite nice that you can feel them there – and a busty look is the fashion now.
“Australia is such a sexy place. After the tour I spent three weeks backpacking, getting a lot of exercise and eating healthy. But the best bit was finding a nudist beach where I could strip off and swim naked in the warm ocean.”
However, Kim is more coy when it comes to her love life. She says: “Let’s just say I’ve never had a kiss that didn’t end up somewhere else. But as to who is doing the kissing, I am not saying…”