After setbacks in love…: Motherrole for sexy Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde, who was called the most beloved pop icon of England in the eighties, will play the mother role in the rock opera Tommy, the deaf, dumb and blind boy. Tommy became famous in the movie version by Ken Russell.
One has difficulty picturing the 35 year old sexy Kim Wilde in the person of mrs. Walker, but Kim says that she knew the songs since she was a child and she knew immediately that this was “the” role for her. It is also her West End debut.
Kim Wilde’s first single ‘Kids in America’ was a bull’s eye hit in 1981. She recently recorded a new album, ‘Now And Forever’. In her professional life as a singer she knew nothing but success, but in her lovelife she only knew failure and she had problems with alcohol, but those seem to be over now. But she says that she isn’t in a hurry with love, despite her age. Only when Mr. Right comes along will she try love again.
“All my boyfriends have been excellent’, she says. “and we always stayed friends afterwards. My setbacks in love and in life have strengthened me as a person. I regret nothing.”