Don’t forget your Ferrari

Host Chris Evans handed over the biggest prize ever won on British TV as he signed off from his hit Channel 4 show Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush.
Lucky Caroline Simcox, 25, who drove to the studio from her Essex home in a beat-up old Beetle, left in a £36000 Ferrari 308GTS. She also picked up a year’s insurance, worth £ 5000.
Evans’s star guest on the final programme was his old flame, singer Kim Wilde. She was pitted against her “superfan”, who turned out to be the presenter – soon to take over a Radio One slot as the BBC’s highest-paid DJ.
The Toothbrush series had gained such a status that complimentary tickets were being SOLD by touts at the weekend.
Evans, 28, said after parting with the Ferrari: “We’ve done 26 Toothbrushes and we wanted to go out with a vroom.”