Everything must be different! : Kim makes Wilde changes

Kim Wilde? Is she still alive after her ‘Greatest Hits’ last year? Sure, and miss Wilde has made her tenth album with the drastic title ‘Now & forever’.

“Breaking Away” is het new single called. And that is exactly what Kim Wilde does with her past, with what she says herself “A rhythm ‘n’ blues album with soul and housy rhythms. It was time for something else. You will find soul ballads and in your face house beats on the album!”. When tea is served, Kim slides off the sofa rather unelegantly. It happens. While she is lying there, I ask what kind of strange things she has done in hr life. “I once sat in a hotel lobby with my brother, being very drunk. Then I snuck up on a tourist and while my brother was talking with that man I opened up his shoes and poured champagne in them! Haha!”
But Kim, we were talking about your new cd. “I have travelled a lot over the past few years, learning how to rollerblade and written a lot of songs. It sounds very different from my earlier work. During performances I will do things differently as well: perhaps an acapella version of ‘Kids in America’. I finally have control over what I’m doing!