Kim and get it! Hollywood vice girl uses star’s LP in sex ad

A cheeky Hollywood hooker is making a fortune by pretending to be Kim Wilde.

The £70-an-hour vice girl has placed ads in an L.A. newspaper using the cover shot from Kim’s 1993 Singles Collection album. The 34-year-old singer’s photo appears under the headline “European Blonde” on a page full of ads offering intimate services in the L.A. Village View.
When my investigator called the number a gravel-voiced woman said she would give him a sensual rub-down – with full sex thrown in. She added: “I only do in-house. You have to come to my home in West Hollywood.”
But despite her thick American accent, she insited that she was European. She said: “I’m 5ft 9in, blonde and very sensuous. You can see from the photo in the paper how attractive I am.”
And asked what her name was the girl said: “It’s Kim. But I’m not telling you my surname.”
However customers may be disappointed when they see the real woman – she obviously styles herself on Kim Wilde, but doesn’t have the singer’s sultry good looks. When I broke the news of the fraud to the real Kim, she burst out laughing.
She said: “It sounds like great marketing to me. It helped the album get to number 11 in the charts over here and it’s obviously making a big impact in America too. Tell the prostitute that if she likes, I will help her out if she gets busy. I’d like to know what the hours are, though!”