Kim Wilde and Cher: homely stars

Kim Wilde doesn’t want to leave England to earn money in Australia, and Cher flees London because she gets too much attention. What do these two stars have in common? That they don’t want to leave their own biotopes.
The American singer/actress Cher had set her sights on a penthouse in London. When she said she was interested in buying the penthouse, costing over 40 million francs and had flown over for this, she was besieged by autograph hunters. She doesn’t experience this in New York or Los Angeles, so Cher cancelled the purchase and flew back in a hurry to the good old US of A.
Kim Wilde let a 12,5 million franc television contract lie, to be able to stay in her familiar English surroundings. The 34 year old singer, who is working on a comeback with the single Breakin’ Away, did doubt it a little though. Her hits album got platinum in Australia and the television deals she got offered, were attractive. “But I love the British too much. They are funny, solid and honest. And we are the best moaners in the world”, Kim said about her fellow countrymen. There’s no place like home!