Kim Wilde is here again: Wilde time

I love pop music. I have always done it and will always do it, but deep inside I have a big passion for soul”, says Kim Wilde, who is already the most successful British female singer of all times after many megahits like “Kids in America” and “View From a Bridge”.
Kim: “I see myself primarily as a pop singer, but the soul girl in me has never really left. With this album I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve. I could never before identify myself so much with an album.”
Stylistically it’s been made in a soul style, but the groovy housebeats make it sound almost as fresh as a debut album.
Kim Wilde was born into the music world .Her father Marty was one of the biggest stars in the charts of the sixties. He and her brother Ricky (with whom she still collaborates today) help her to start her career. Her first single “Kids in America” rose to the no. 2 spot in the UK charts in February 1981 and became a classic in eighties pop.
What followed were tours as “Special Guest Star” with David Bowie and Michael Jackson and in 1989 she had one of the world’s best selling singles of the year with the Supremes-cover “You keep me hangin’ on”.
Kim Wilde: “I may not be Barbara Streisand in the vocal stakes, but I’m proud of my voice. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m still here after all these years because I love singing, I love songwriting, I love performing, and I love the whole business! It doesn’t matter whether I sell ten million or ten copies – I still love what I do. And that’s enough for me.”