NCRV broadcasts radio from Cobbenhagencollege in Tilburg: Extatic atmosphere and a full house

TILBURG – A couple of girls run out of a toilet of the Cobbenhagencollege in Tilburg, screaming. A moment later they are followed by a vamp with large sunglasses and black leather pants. It turns out to be none other than British pop star Kim Wilde.
This singer and many other well-known artists perform during a show of the NCRV Paperclip Tour. This tour is presented by Peter Plaisier en Sjors van Frohlich, and was broadcast from this school yesterday all afternoon and evening on radio 3. Pupils of the Cobbenhagencollege and the Pauluslyceum went crazy.
Marieke Delmer (17) and Maaike van Steen (16) start to clap and dance when the first house-beats fill the room. When the last sounds of the news have passed, Sjors Frohlich announces the next song. Briefly thereafter an appearance by Marcel de Groot and his band.
15-year old Emra Armahan comes especially for Montell Jordan. “He looks so good”, she explains, laughing. Melanie Portiers (13) also comes for this handsome singer of a.o. Something for the honeys. But she also wants to see Guus Meeuwis. Shanavaz Bhimji (16) has no special preference. “I’ve come to see girls”, he says. His classmate Maarten van Tartwijk (15) attacks Shanavaz: “You have to see a live gig like this once!”
But he also comes for the gorgeous singer performing with house-DJ Paul Elstak. 14-year-old Karlijn Horvers has a camera in her hand. She hopes someone will make a picture of her when she stands next to the DJ.
R. Willems from the Cobbenhagencollege likes it a lot that his puplils can have a taster of the ‘radio world’ in his school. According to N. van Noort from the Pauluslyceum his school participates for the same reason. “We want to let our pupils get acquainted to live radio.”
The two schools go into battle on the radio in a quiz, presented by Peter Plaisier. He enjoys doing his work on location in schools. “The atmosphere here is great. Everyone knows eachother and it’s always a full house.”
And that’s a fact. All tickets, costing ten guilders a piece, are sold out.