The Michael Jackson experience of Kim Wilde

She scored her first hit with Kids in America in 1981. Yours truly was eight years old then. Fourteen years later I sit right across from the still very beautiful Wilde (34). The blonde has now sold over six million records and eleven million singles, which makes her the most successsful British artist of all times. It is logical that we didn’t shy away from an interview, even if Wilde’s new record is a bland soulpop brew.

‘Now and forever’ is already your tenth album. What makes you go on for so long?
I just love music too much. It is the best thing that ever happened to me. I can’t stop.

With so many records sold you must be a very wealthy woman!
I can’t complain. I have made enough money to spend the rest of my years without too many worries, but I like doing this. I feel at home in the music business.

You were on tour with Michael Jackson and David Bowie. What do you remember about these tours?
I fell in love passionately with Bowie. I was floored by him, but it passed after a while. About Jackson I mainly remember that he totally closed himself off from the world. And another thing: my little brother and sister were visiting me when we played in Rotterdam. They spent over two hours with Jackson in his dressing room, whereas I almost didn’t see them. Jackson apparently only felt at easy in the company of children.

Hmmm. To round off: for how long will you go on?
For a while, I hope. Although I wouldn’t want to become another version of Cher, to go on until she is fifty.