Articles 1996

22 November 1996 Hal, just Wilde about his Kim Daily Mail (UK)
16 November 1996 Naked ode Veronica (Netherlands)
1 November 1996 Kim Wilde Marries! Top 10 was a guest on the day of her life Top 10 (Netherlands)
10 October 1996 Absolutely Flabuless Daily Record (UK)
4 October 1996 The baby jitters of Kim Wilde Breakout (Netherlands)
1 October 1996 Now I will grow flowers and cook dinner! [unknown] (Poland)
28 September 1996 Perfect wedding TV Guia (Portugal)
22 September 1996 Kim Wilde OK! (UK)
21 September 1996 Kim Wilde gets hitched: fiancé is colleague singer Caras (Portugal)
21 September 1996 Kim Wilde married Hitkrant (Netherlands)
18 September 1996 Kim Wilde longs for a baby Party (Netherlands)
18 September 1996 Kim Wilde got married Nova Gente (Portugal)
15 September 1996 Kim Wilde wants to become a mother as soon as possible [unknown] (Netherlands)
15 September 1996 Kim Wilde: it sparked on stage [unknown] (Germany)
14 September 1996 A fairytale ending for the girl who thought she’d never find true love : Kim Wilde marries co-star Hal Fowler Hello! (UK)
6 September 1996 Inside look at wedding of the stars Thame Gazette (UK)
6 September 1996 Crowds go Wilde as Kim ties the knot The Gazette (UK)
5 September 1996 [no title] Herald (UK)
4 September 1996 Kim’s Wilde about her man Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
4 September 1996 Kim Wilde weds Hal The Bucks Herald (UK)
2 September 1996 Give me a baby Kim tells groom Daily Star (UK)
2 September 1996 Singer’s Wilde days end [unknown] (UK)
2 September 1996 I can’t wait to have a Wilde child! Bride Kim’s vow The Sun (UK)
2 September 1996 The Times today The Times (UK)
2 September 1996 Traditional style for the bride who used to rock and roll Daily Telegraph (UK)
2 September 1996 Here Kims the bride Daily Mirror (UK)
2 September 1996 British singer Kim Wilde married Leeuwarder Courant (Netherlands)
2 September 1996 Kim finds a happy end with co-star Daily Mail (UK)
2 September 1996 Pop star Kim ties the knot Dundee Courier (UK)
2 September 1996 Wedding joy for pop star Kim Aberdeen Press and Journal (UK)
1 September 1996 “I never liked that ginger one much…” Q (UK)
1 September 1996 Kim Wilde marries Hal Fowler [unknown] (Belgium)
1 September 1996 Bride Kim Wilde: We want to have children as soon as possible! Story (Belgium)
1 September 1996 Kim snubs cash on her big day [unknown] (UK)
1 September 1996 Kim Wilde: Finally found the man of her life [unknown] (Germany)
1 September 1996 Kim’s Wilde days are over! Privé (Netherlands)
31 August 1996 Wilde weekend [unknown] (UK)
31 August 1996 Kim’s wild ways are over Daily Express (UK)
31 August 1996 Kim hopes for quiet wedding Evening Herald (Ireland)
25 August 1996 I won’t leave home without… Style (UK)
20 August 1996 Honey moon! Kim’s hen party shock The Sun (UK)
17 August 1996 Now I’m the wrong side of 30, I can’t expect to be called a sex kitten. But it is nice when I am Daily Mail (UK)
2 August 1996 Roll out the (wheel)barrow for Kim Daily Express (UK)
1 August 1996 Wilde no more Applause (UK)
1 August 1996 Driving Kim Wilde Daily Mail (UK)
1 August 1996 I don’t need to diet any more Slimmer (UK)
20 July 1996 Kim Wilde is going to get married Hitkrant (Netherlands)
16 July 1996 Father and daughter Woman's weekly (UK)
14 July 1996 Original Kim Sunday Times Magazine (UK)
3 July 1996 A Wilde guess… Daily Mirror (UK)
1 July 1996 His nights without Kim Wilde [unknown] (France)
1 July 1996 ‘Protect yourselves’ say Kim Wilde and Ben Nealon OK! (UK)
1 July 1996 Kim Wilde gets married [unknown] (Netherlands)
29 June 1996 Chrissing Wildely! The Sun (UK)
28 June 1996 I’m just Wilde about my Hal Daily Star (UK)
27 June 1996 Kim Wilde to marry co-star Daily Express (UK)
27 June 1996 Here Kim’s the bride Daily Mirror (UK)
27 June 1996 Wilde wedding: Singer Kim to wed her Tommy co-star The Sun (UK)
27 June 1996 Wilde at heart star asks Kim to wed Daily Record (UK)
27 June 1996 Just Wilde about Kim Daily Express (UK)
27 June 1996 Kim to wed Daily Sport (UK)
11 June 1996 Kim Wilde is right Timinn (Iceland)
8 June 1996 Happy year for Kim Wilde Dagblaðið Vísir (Iceland)
5 June 1996 Living in a 400 years old house Morgunblaðið (Iceland)
1 June 1996 At her converted 16th-century barn Kim Wilde speaks of her success in the hit musical Tommy and the new man in her life Hello! (UK)
29 May 1996 Kim Wilde a little overweight… Nova Gente (Portugal)
18 May 1996 Kim Wilde: hand print in London Caras (Portugal)
17 May 1996 Smartie Wilde! The Sun (UK)
25 April 1996 Just Wilde about hands Kensington Post (UK)
24 April 1996 Kim leaves her mark for history Daily Express (UK)
1 April 1996 Kim Wilde: the rock blonde (1987-1996) Jukebox (France)
1 April 1996 Kim Wilde I.D. Astral (Portugal)
1 April 1996 The kid is alright Q (UK)
1 April 1996 Nights with Kim Wilde [unknown] (France)
1 April 1996 Tommy Plays and Players (UK)
20 March 1996 The premiere of “Tommy” Gala (France)
17 March 1996 Stars come out to play Guardian weekly (UK)
14 March 1996 Review – Tommy The Stage (UK)
14 March 1996 See it to believe it Kensington Post (UK)
11 March 1996 Kim Wilde junkies are not hysterical fans De Stem (Netherlands)
9 March 1996 Tommy’s big rock ‘n’ roll party Telegraaf (Netherlands)
8 March 1996 See me, feel me: Tommy is back in London Het Parool (Netherlands)
8 March 1996 Tommy is back home: successful baptism of fire for Joop van den Ende in London Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands)
8 March 1996 Tommy reconquers London: Van den Ende creates whirling musical version of old rock opera Trouw (Netherlands)
8 March 1996 Musical Tommy is even richer than Who-version Volkskrant (Netherlands)
7 March 1996 Mail Diary Daily Mail (UK)
7 March 1996 Paul’s got Wilde look The Sun (UK)
7 March 1996 A Wilde night for Tommy Daily Mail (UK)
7 March 1996 Tommy is home. Musical premiere on West End with Dutch support Telegraaf (Netherlands)
7 March 1996 A clip to the tones of a Stratocaster NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands)
6 March 1996 Who’s got a hit, then? Evening Standard (UK)
6 March 1996 Tommy is triumphant in a show of passion Evening Standard (UK)
6 March 1996 Rock on, Tommy but no beans The Guardian (UK)
4 March 1996 Wilde about Tommy Evening Standard (UK)
1 March 1996 Kim Wilde [unknown] (UK)
1 March 1996 Tommy comes home Live News (UK)
1 March 1996 Review – This I swear
28 February 1996 Pout out as not-so-Wilde Kim tries a twin-set role Daily Mail (UK)
3 February 1996 Why can’t I find a man to fall in love with me? Daily Mail Weekend Magazine (UK)
27 January 1996 Wilde about toyboys Daily Star (UK)
23 January 1996 Wilde times! Women (UK)
6 January 1996 Kim Wilde: a heart for the taking Tele K7 (France)
6 January 1996 Kim Wilde landed her first job Tele magazine (France)
1 January 1996 Secrets: Kim Wilde [unknown] (Germany)
1 January 1996 Tuned in for success [unknown] (UK)
1 January 1996 Kim’s in the cast [unknown] (UK)
1 January 1996 I was Wilde about Chris The Sun (UK)
1 January 1996 Kim Wilde shows her garden to OK! weekly OK! (UK)
1 January 1996 Review – The Gold collection Q (UK)
1 January 1996 ‘I don’t need a man to make me happy anymore’ TV-familie (Belgium)
1 January 1996 Kim Wilde sings in a rock opera [unknown] (Finland)
1 January 1996 Kim Wilde: a dance comeback M6 Dance (France)
1 January 1996 Basic Music Instincts WOM (Germany)
1 January 1996 Wilde on Tommy Arrival London (UK)