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Daily Record (UK)
Written by
Lorna Frame

Rock stunner Kim Wilde has revealed how a disastrous love life and failing career left her battling the bulge. Now back in shape, the 30-year-old singer has revealed her diet secret ... porridge.
Kim, who's currently starring on stage in Tommy in London's West End, admitted she relied on food as her life turned sour. But after piling on one-and-a-half stones, Kim, who recently married her co-star Hal Fowler, had to take drastic action.
She admitted: "I really let myself go. I was pigging out, drinking far too much and getting no exercise. Not taking care of myself was all tied into pent-up depression. I didn't associate the two until much later, though."
Now Kim - back to a slender size 10 - watches her diet carefully, and lives a healthier lifestyle.
She told Slimmer Magazine: "I have Bran Flakes and a banana for breakfast. Although in winter, you can't beat porridge. I eat pasta and I'm not a fan of convenience food - I'd much rather eat something like beans on toast - filling, low in fat and good for you."
The singer said changing her whole attitude to food has been the answer.
She added: "We have to listen to our bodies - it took me years, but now that I do I've noticed a vast improvement in my skin and my general health."
But Kim isn't the only superstar to have a secret to staying slim. Telly's Scottish golden girl Carol Smillie reckons having a toyboy is the answer. The 34- year-old mum of 17-month-old Christie is married to restaurateur Alex Knight, who's four years her junior.
Carol said: "Being married to such a spring chicken makes keeping my figure vital."
A typical meal for Carol would include vegetable soup, roast beef and crispy, cooked vegetables or roast chicken and baked potato, followed by fruit salad and mango sorbet.
Carol added: "I don't drink or smoke, and I try to keep my eating habits simple and resist the temptation to shove chocolate in my bag. Instead I snack on fruit."
At 49, gorgeous Joanna Lumley puts her sensational figure down to a vegetarian diet. She revealed: "The minute I gave up eating meat at the age of 25, I lost about a stone and a half and I've kept it off."
Joanna says she never misses meat -- and even cooks it for her husband, conductor Stephen Barlow. She admitted: "I've been through loads of fad diets in my time. Now I just stick to plain vegetarian cooking."
Model Marie Helvin is another 40-plus stunner who swears by a no-meat diet.
Marie, 44, also eats low-fat foods and, at 5ft 9, is a toned 8st 13lbs.
She said: "I'm a low-fat eater. I eat fish, but gave up meat more than 20 years ago. I also work with weights."
At 57, Tina Turner is still said to have the best legs and flattest stomach in the business. Regular workouts and a healthy diet are her secret to having the body of a 25- year-old.
Tina's personal fitness adviser, Karen Voight, revealed: "Tina's diet is low- fat with a lot of vegetables, grains, rice and barley. She breakfasts on melons, strawberries and oatmeal and a typical Tina dinner would be things like spinach, salads, steamed vegetables and rice. Plus, she always drinks a lot of water. But Tina already has the genes that keep her body young-looking, which is a great start."

Chipsahoy !

Cilla Black has confessed to being a serial calorie-counter. The 53-year-old Blind Date host is 5ft 6ins and a trim nine-and-a-half stones. But she admitted: Keeping my weight down takes a lorra, lorra work.
Cilla told this month's Slimming Magazine: "I'm a calorie-quoter. I do it to my friends - if they're eating something, I'll tell them the calories. I've educated my body against fat and oils. But I love chocolate."
When she's not working, Cilla eats breakfast and lunch. But she said: "I never eat before a show. If I go to a restaurant after work, I tend to have a starter and then something light with no dessert."
But Cilla admits she sometimes goes off the rails. She giggled: "Yesterday I had all this toffee - but I won't kid myself that I can eat like that every day. Mind you, a chip butty and a glass of champagne after a show is heaven on earth to me."

Cher's Brownie points

Golden oldie Cher is said to be 8lbs lighter than when she topped the charts in 1965 with I Got You Babe. Gossips claim the 51-year-old superstar had two ribs removed to make her waist even thinner. But she says her secret is straight- forward - sweating it out at the gym. She said: "I spend hours in the gym sweating my butt off to look like this. I could eat more and not be so figure-conscious. The truth is I would rather look good than have extra Brownies."