Bride Kim Wilde: We want to have children as soon as possible!

Kim Wilde’s love life has not always been a fairy tale but now happiness is finally on her side. She married her big love and wants to raise a family as soon as possible!

The world got to know her through hits like Kids in America and Cambodia and View from a bridge. In the ’80s she was on her way to become a super star and her group of male fans grew every day. Life seemed to go her way but suddenly the tide turned. She didn’t manage to expand her series of hits and one record after another flopped. Kim was all but forgotten and on a personal level things were turning sour too.
First she fell in love with a saxophone player, then she had a longstanding relationship with Calvin Hayes, drummer of Johnny Hates Jazz. When their romance ended, Kim fled to candy and fast food. The slim blonde from yesteryear piled on the pounds and sometimes threatened to burst out of her dresses. She turned into a caricature of herself and didn’t play live as much as she used to. A sad Kim decided to put her career in the freezer and reclused herself. She found comfort with a car salesman, a student, a rich kid and a DJ but she never found Mr. Right.
The only steady relationship she had was with her family, who comforted her whenever her heart was broken. Her father Marty, who used to be a rock & roll legend in his own time, watched things happen from up close but managed to help her every time.
“I have a family to be proud of”, she would say later on. “My family will never fully realise how much they have supported me”
But seven month ago the tide turned again! Kim signed a contract for a role in the musical ‘Tommy’. One of her colleagues was 28-year-old Hal Fowler, a promising actor who tickled Kim’s fancy.
“He was handsome, lovely and had a great sense of humour”, she laughs. “He was exactly the sort of man I had been looking for all this time. I did wonder whether he would fall in love with me too, but that turned out to be no problem (laughs).”
The two got into a fiery romance together, and they were so sure of things that they started making plans for a wedding pretty soon. And so it happened that a beaming Kim would arrive at the church of St. Giles with her father Marty, seated in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage. There were wedding bells and a moving ceremony, and rice was thrown and cheers were given. There was some fiery kissing at the gates of the church. All the ingredients for a perfect wedding were there. Surprising friends and family, Kim and Hal added something to it all.
“We want to have children as soon as possible”, Kim screamed enthusiastically. “We start this week!” Did they mean it or was it a joke?
“No, we really mean it”, Hal beamed. “Kim and I want to raise a family as soon as possible. The timing is right.”
Marty was very happy, watching the couple kissing once again. “I am so happy that Kim has finally found the right guy. She deserves this happiness!”