Honey moon! Kim’s hen party shock

Stunning Kim Wilde shrieked with laughter when fiancé Hal Fowler and his pals ambushed her hen party with a 12-bum salute.

The cheeky display was the hilarious highlight of a five-hour bender to mark the end of the blonde singer’s single days. Kim, 35, who will mary Hal on September 1, drove a gang of girl pals in a horse-drawn brewer’s dray from pub to pub near her Hertfordshire home on Sunday.
At her local, Hal and his pals greeted her by baring their bottoms. Hal, who is Kim’s co-star in West End musiclal Tommy, is seventh from the left on the lower rungs of the fence in my exclusive snap.
An onlooker said: “Kim gasped in shock before bursting into giggles. Then Hal leapt up and gave her a great big kiss.”
Kim’s dad Marty Wilde and mum Joyce also witnessed Hal’s antics. He started dating Kim six months ago and proposed in June after flying her to Calais for a romantic lunch.
Kim said: “I could not be happier. I have found the man of my dreams.”