‘I don’t need a man to make me happy anymore’

In the eighties Kim Wilde’s success knew no boundaries. ‘Kids in America’, ‘Cambodia’, and ‘Love Blond’ were just a few of the many hits that were applauded by enthusiastic audiences. But suddenly the singer left the spotlights and we heard no more from her. ‘Call it an early midlife crisis. I needed time for myself’, says the 35-year-old Kim, who now stars in the highly acclaimed West End-musical ‘Tommy’.

Not so long ago you had everything most people only dream about: fame, money, beauty. Wasn’t it enough for you?
I had indeed released a great album, and did a great tour, but at the end of it I felt totally empty inside. That was when I said to myself: ‘Kim, this is too crazy. How much more success do you need to be happy?’ Then I came to the conclusion that more success wouldn’t make me happier at all. And that I didn’t know why I was unhappy.

That’s when you decided to stop totally?
Yes, it was high time to focus on myself. It was a difficult travel. I knew I would need some time for that. I had to get to know myself and learn to love myself. I felt down, because I didn’t realise how great life was. But that was always it, I just never realised. Now I have learned to enhoy it more. Once you can do that, you have no problems. Then nothing can get you out of balance anymore.

We may say you are now a happy woman.
Absolutely. I have never been so happy all my life. It just starts now for me. I think I had an early midlife crisis a few years ago (smiles). I don’t know what to call it. I have found inner peace. I have blossomed emotionally. And I have the feeling that I finally have a goal in life. I don’t go around in circles anymore. I have learned to lead life in a certain pattern. I wish it were like I always imagined it would be. I always just assumed that I would have a serious relationship at 30 and maybe even children.

It was hard to accept the opposite?
Exactly. I really thought happiness depended on that. That was one of my problems: I needed a man. And he would steer my life in the right direction. Which is nonsense, of course. I know that other people can make you happy, but I want to feel happy when I’m alone as well.

Is there a man in your life now?
No. I don’t need someone else anymore to hold my hand and say what to do. I can do that myself. And if I were to meet Mr. Right, it would be much more fun, because I know myself more now too. Honestly, I would be thrilled to find someone I can really love, but something like that can’t be forced. I strongly believe in fate. If it has to happen, it will. And if love doesn’t surprise me, my life will stay like it is now: fantastic. Also without a man.

Professionally you’ve changed your fortunes as well.
Yes, ‘Tommy’ arrived just in time for me. I was looking for a new challenge, but didn’t want to turn my back on music completely. A musical seemed like the perfect alternative. Also, I loved ‘Tommy’ when I was a child.