Kim Wilde: a heart for the taking

Published in
Tele K7 (France)
Written by
Isabelle Inglebert

After five years of absence, the enfant terrible of British rock is back on the scene with a new album, 'Now and forever' (MCA), and a musical 'Tommy'.

Rock star of the Eighties (Kids in America, Water on glass, Cambodia ...), Kim Wilde had suddenly disappeared. For her comeback, the British chanteuse made a stop in Paris for the promotion of Now and Forever. She will soon be on stage in the musical Tommy.

You've changed, you're thinner and your look is wiser ...
I feel physically better. I am on a diet and eat more healthily. I'm more disciplined. I do sports, gymnastics and roller blade.

You said: 'This record is me.' Explain yourself ...
I decided that Now and Forever would be a step in my career. And I worked with English and American authors of soul music.

Love always seems to be your inspiration ...
I think it is because I still have not found the man of my life.

The words of 'Breaking Away', the single, rather bitter in taste. You seem to want someone ...
Love should lead to happy things ... But I've had bad experiences and I felt confusion, was troubled. This I translated in the album. Breaking away is the first song that I have chosen. It says to seek happiness by oneself and not through someone else. This album was my therapy. At present, I have more confidence in myself.

A tour is planned?
Not at the moment, because I am the star of Tommy, the rock opera in 1980 by the Who. I'm really happy. It is a challenge.

What happened to you in 1990 when you were about to drop everything?
I got tired of the city and no longer being myself. I needed to know if I still wanted to be an artist. I was no longer sure. I was thirty years old, I wanted to be married, have children, a big house. But none of this happened. I started to hate my career. I decided to move to the country and I began to rewrite and change my way of life. I take more time for myself.

You are at your tenth album. This is the one you are most proud?
I am proud of all my albums. This one helped me feel better. I have a special affection for it.