Kim Wilde is right

Life smiles to singer Kim Wilde, who is now 35 years of age. She plays and sings the lead role in the Tommy musical in West End, and a new man has come along in her life, an actor named Hal Fowler.
For the past five years, Kim has lived in a 17th-century barn, which she has changed into a residential condominium.
Kim is not anything influenced by constant interviews and invasions of the media in her private life, and it’s only now that her fun-filled home comes in the press.
However, she rejects the great opportunity to discuss the boyfriend of the media. “I don’t really want to discuss my relationship right now, except to say that I’m extraordinarily happy with my boyfriend.”
“I had never felt at home in London, and I wanted to be in the countryside and to watch my little brother and sister and my niece and nephew grow up.”
She does not say at all that social pressure, which often causes people to lose their fortune, makes her choose a life mate and have children. “No. I’d rather be single and unmarried and with no children when I’m 80 than be with the wrong person and have children under circumstances that I didn’t feel were right for me.”