Kim Wilde junkies are not hysterical fans

The room of cafe Riche at the Ginnekenweg in Breda was the domain of Kim Wilde-loving Europe yesterday afternoon. For the first time in the fifteen year career of the British pop singer there was a fanclub day on Dutch soil.

Some fifty passionate fans from England, France, Belgium, Germany and Holland came to Breda and cherished with all their hearts the originality of numerous collectors items they brought along. Kim Wilde was not present herself, and so fans had to make do with stacks of videos and eachother.

Whoever thinks that Kim Wilde junkies were just interested in the colour of the singer’s underwear, is mistaken. A true Kim Wilde quiz made it clear that we were dealing with real knowledge instead of hysteria. Questions about the composers of her songs or about the producers of her records were answered without so much as the batting of an eyelid.

The articles that were brought along underlined the attention of the fans. A proud mum showed pictures of a visit of herself, her son and Kim Wilde. She had visited Kim’s former home and taken a look at her recording studio. Her son talked about his record collection of some hundredfifty singles from the blonde singer. The records which he had in duplicats, he’d brought here, hoping to swap them.

Highlight of the afternoon was the Kim Wilde auction. Kim’s hat was auctioned, as well as her druk, a jacket from her sister and another jacket from her brother. The money that was raised will be used for reasearch into the illness Friedrecih Ataxia. The organiser of the afternoon, Martin Zandstra, owned up to not knowing about this disease. “A friend of Kim Wilde suffered from it, so that’s why”, the organiser said, hoping to do it once again next year.