Kim Wilde longs for a baby

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Party (Netherlands)

The British singer Kim Wilde has gotten married in a village in Hertfordshire, northwest of London, with the 35 year old actor Hal Fowler. The marriage was one big fireworks, with a swimming feast to end it all...

Kim Wilde, her name says it all, is a very wild lady. Even on her wedding day she had to go all out... The marriage started quietly with a ceremony in the St. Giles Church in Hertfordshire. Husband Hal Fowler thought he'd finally tamed his bride. But he was quickly proven wrong, because Kim is still the boss... The popsinger took her fate into her own hands when she and Hal sat in the carriage that was supposed to bring them to the hotel where the feast would take place. Kim took the reins and led the horses to their destination with her own hands. During the dinner she was very quiet and was even moved by the sweet words of father Marty Wilde. But when the music started, Kim didn't know when to stop again. Besides her husband Hal she danced with nearly every male guest! The feast ended in the swimming pool. In her wedding dress Kim jumped in the water, after which Hal could only follow his loved one. And with the wet wedding dress on Kim seduced her husband into the bridal suite. And there she whispered the words: 'Love, I'm happy to be mrs. Fowl, but I would be even happier if I became a mother..."