Kim Wilde Marries! Top 10 was a guest on the day of her life

Wild Kim has been tamed! The man who got her unruly lovelife in order is Hal Fowler. It took a long time before Kim managed to find the man of her life.

Often enough she thought she’d found her prince on a white horse. It was true. It’s just he didn’t ever stay! The series of unsuccessful romances has ended now. She is happy and the day of her marriage was an unforgettable feast.
Kim Wilde wore a classic white dress with a matching bouquet consisting mainly of white roses. It was a wedding party like it traditionally takes place in England. Some popstars have a tendency to be extravagent, but Kim and Hal did it very stylishly. Hal picked her up from home and in a long line the company drove to St. Giles Church in the lovely village in Hertfordhire.
There the bride went down the isle on the arm of her father Marty towards the altar, where Hal was waiting for her with a wide smile on his face. They kneeled and prayed.
When the moment to speak their vows had arrived, they looked each other in the eyes meaningfully. The people who were present followed the ceremony with tears in their eyes. Intensely happy the bride and groom left the chruch where everyone cheered. People threw rice at them. It’s an old custom to wish the bride fertility.
Outside Kim was kissed by her husband and her father Marty. A very relieved father. Marty is a musician himself and knows about the pitfalls of the business. He often held on to his heart when his daughter was a single girl. Kim even had an affair with Julian Lennon, the son of the murdered Beatle John Lennon. It didn’t work out. Until she met Hal with whom she is finally happy. Photographers were mainly kept at a distance. This was a family feast after all.
But no-one missed how radiant Kim was, like never before. Her dream had come true. Now everyone wonders how long it will take until she becomes pregnant. If it’s up to Kim this happens soon, because she really wants to have children. Finally a family of her own and some peace and quiet in the unruly life as a popsinger.
At the wedding party nothing had been held back. The champagne flowed, there was an orchestra and like tradition prescribes, the bride and groom did the first dance, after which everyone joined them on the dancefloor.
And then the diner… Waiters came by with big portions and the wine glasses were never empty.
Kim has found her true love. A series of failed relationships has ended. A new beginning with a new man.
Whether she will go on singing?
Kim: “You can count on it!”