Kim Wilde shows her garden to OK! weekly

Kim Wilde lives in a converted 16th-century barn near a Hertfordshire village, within earshot of the parish church bells and a rather noisy cockerel.
‘When I’m at home, I spend at least part of the day doing things in the garden, usually as soon as I get up,’ Kim explains. ‘There’s always something to look forward to – I love the way plants lie dormant, then suddenly burst into life.
‘When I moved in five years ago, there was no garden, simply a farmyard and a meadow. The meadow is still there, but the yard is now divided into two distinct areas – the front courtyard and the back garden.
‘The front courtyard is more formal and it’s walled on three sides. There’s a standard twisted wisteria tree, a beautiful ceanothus and a Russian wine which has delightful flowers, a profusion of climbers, including my favourite ever-green pyracantha, plus various climbing and rambling roses and lots of lavender.
‘Lavender is my favourite plant – it seems to want to grow all over my garden. I cut it at the end of the season and dry it to use in the house. I’m also very fond of plants that have been given to me. This includes a tradescantia which my best friend’s parents gave me two years ago. I planted it with an orange rose, which sets off the purple of the tradescantia exquisitely.
‘The back garden is south-facing and I’ve built pergolas to show off the wisteria and grape vines. I think a water feature is essential, so I had a pond built last year. I was lucky enough to already have two willows, which complement the new pond beautifully. A corner of the garden has been designated as an orchard, though I might be 80 before it produces enough apples for a pie!’