Living in a 400 years old house

The British singer Kim Wilde is most successful at the moment. She plays one of the leading roles in the update of the “Tommy” musical in the West End of London. In addition, Kim, 35, has fallen in love with her contender in the musical, Hal Fowler.
Kim was one of Britain’s most popular pop songs for several years. She is the daughter of rock star Marty Wilde and composed most of her most popular songs, such as “Kids In America” and “Chequered Love”, along with her brother, Ricki.

Six bedrooms

For the past fifty years, Kim has lived in a 16th-century barn near her family home in Hertfordshire, England. She made herself change the barn into a six-bedroom set. “This was a real achievement for me at the time. This was really absurd. Experienced pop star who lives in London invests in a 400-year-old barn and transforms it in collaboration with architect. I got anxiety attacks and thought with me: “Kim, what do you think? Although you can afford it, it means that you have the right to change this lovely old building into a god can know what. But I’m very glad we took mostly the right decisions regarding the redesign and it didn’t alter the building too much.”