Now I will grow flowers and cook dinner!

The star of Sopot ’88 married Hal Fowler, the star of the musical “Tommy”. The ceremony was held in Codicote (England).

The bride was 15 minutes late, but the bride and groom and 150 guests did not think it was bad. Before she entered the church, she posed for a while with her father for souvenir photos. It was her farewell gift for Marty Wilde, in the 1960s a famous pop musician who devoted many years to his daughter’s career. He and Kim’s brother (35), Ricky, wrote songs for her and produced them.

The beautiful blonde was much more lucky on stage than in love. She was most popular when she performed in Sopot. In the same year, Michael Jackson invited her to a joint concert tour in Europe. Later she disappeared and it was no secret that her bad form was due to her separation from Calvin Hayes, a rock musician. She recovered when she met the presenter Richard Evans while recording a program on British TV: it was love at first sight for both of them. But it ended almost as quickly as it exploded.

Again alone, she returned to the stage. She performed and recorded with varying happiness. In January this year she was offered a role in the musical “Tommy” and there she met Hal (28), who turned out to be the man of her life. Kim, who has repeatedly said that if she hadn’t become a singer, she would certainly have been a gardener, says she is now going to devote herself to growing plants and cooking for her husband.