Review – This I swear

Reviewed by members of Deep Purple

The Wilde one’s petulant pout wraps itself tightly around a slick ‘n’ sleek slice of frankly tawdry sophistication. Cheers!
Jon Lord: I see she’s going to be in Tommy, playing Mrs. Walker.
Roger Glover: I used to love Marty Wilde, he recorded some great songs.
Jon Lord: It’s a very full market, the area she’s working in. I’m surprised she’s gone so lush-ballady – she had a quirky approach in the past.
Ian Paice: Of its type, it’s quite nice. Quite sophisticated.
Jon Lord: She’s got a lovely voice, and she looks great. Anyone who’s been out with Chris Evans has got a lot to answer for.
Ian Paice: Luckily, I’ve been out of the country during his rise to fame, so I know nothing about him.
Roger Glover: This could have come out any time over the last 15 years.
Ian Paice: It doesn’t have ‘Of its time’ stamped all over it.

Ian Gillan declined to join in the general debate as he doesn’t “trust his own judgement”. he was, however, kind enough to spare a few words…
“I wouldn’t like to say what I think is the best record. But the biggest disappointment is the Kim Wilde one. I know what she’s trying to do. She’s a delicious girl and she’s got a great voice, but the production is crap, it’s so bleeding English. She needs a ten-times better song and a ten-times better production.”