Roll out the (wheel)barrow for Kim

Wedding lists are so telling. Take Kim Wilde, the voloptuous pop singer who intends marrying 28-year-old Hal Archer, her co-star in the hit musical Tommy, in Hertfordshire next month. Kim, now 35, has eschewed the usual toasters and Kenwood Chefs. Instead, she has plumped for, among other things, a splendid 19th-century antique wheelbarrow.

Intrigued, I despatched my manservant Munnoo, who insists he once spent an arresting evening in the company of Miss Wilde, to London’s Conran Shop to find out what else was on the list. Alas, it was all rather dull. The wheelbarrowa snip at £250, had already been bagged. Pillowcases and crockery aside, this left an old garden fork, £35, or a butler’s tray on a stand at £215.