Kim Wilde’s marriage broke many hearts

Yesterday a teenage idol, today a mother role in a rock musical, ‘Tommy’ to be exact. On the photograph Kim Wilde poses with a young actor from the musical. Kim talks to Ivo Niehe, who visited the singer in her converted farm in Hertfordshire. Not a place to live alone in, and that’s exactly what Kim thought. She married recently – she shows Ivo the wedding photograph – with the man she met in the aforementioned musical. In the process she broke many hearts of hopeful bachelors of her generation. Kim speaks openheartedly about the family she grew up in and the role of her mother within it: “My mum is a strong woman, she was always the head of the family and you couldn’t mess her around.” The highlight of her career was undoubtedly the tour with Michael Jackson in Europe. “It was an extraordinary experience, a real highlight.”