Kim puts the Wilde pop days behind her

Kim Wilde has never been happier, say friends. And as these pictures show, she has never been cuddlier.
Seven months after the birth of her son Harry, the pop star who had a string of hits in the Eighties has turned her back on the sex-kitten image and is content to be seen as a mother. The image transformation was obvious as she shopped near her home in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.
“I suppose some people would be surprised at her appearance at first, but then they notice that she looks really happy,” said a family friend last night. “She is a woman who has always had a bit of a battle with her weight, but now she has other things on her mind. Childbirth may have made her put on a few extra pounds but she still has the sexiest eyes and smile in the world. Being a mum has given her the confidence to concentrate on the more important things in life.”
Kim, 38, who married actor Hal Fowler two years ago, is said to be “over the moon” with her son and to have no plans to resume a pop career.