Kim Wilde celebrates her 40 years at the Cité

The English pop star of the Eighties Kim Wilde has celebrated her 40th birthday on Saturday night in the magical setting of the Hotel de la Cité. The singer and her husband who were looking for a romantic place to celebrate this anniversary spent three days in the medieval city.

On Saturday afternoon, Kim Wilde profited from this trip to go shopping in the country and discover the streets of the city accompanied by her husband Hal. This romantic getaway was the first vacation for the couple without their two young children aged one and three years.
Because the luscious blonde singer who sang the famous ‘Kids of America’ almost twenty years ago is now a fulfilled mother. ‘My kids are my priority now. I will sing again perhaps one day, ‘she added.

Meanwhile Kim Wilde discovered his passion for gardening. She also received one of many gifts, secateurs unearthed in a flea market in Carcassonne.