Articles 2001

20 December 2001 “My past amuses me, but I do not want to reanimate it” La Derniere Heure (Belgium)
19 December 2001 The ‘Who and how is who’-passport of mum and/or sex symbol Kim Wilde! Joepie (Belgium)
19 December 2001 Review – Here & Now Tour, Wembley Arena Ceefax [BBC teletext service] (UK)
11 December 2001 “I only want to be popstar for a day!” Het laatste nieuws (Belgium)
7 December 2001 Kim Wilde: “I have my most relaxed moments in the garden” P Magazine (Belgium)
3 December 2001 5 essential things to do this winter Prima (UK)
2 December 2001 [unknown] You (UK)
1 December 2001 Review – The very best of Kim Wilde LAM (UK)
1 December 2001 Evergreen Kim: comeback Katso (Finland)
1 December 2001 Information Station: Top 10 promo chart Record Collector (UK)
1 December 2001 Review – The very best of Kim Wilde Record Collector (UK)
26 November 2001 “This wasn’t the intention”: Kim Wilde experienced come back by accident Gazet van Antwerpen (Belgium)
26 November 2001 Live and in the flesh The Big Issue (Cymru edition) (UK)
25 November 2001 Surprise! Big Brother website (Belgium)
21 November 2001 Review – Here and Now Tour, Brighton Centre, Brighton The Independent (UK)
19 November 2001 Review – Here and Now Tour, Cardiff International Arena South Wales Echo (UK)
18 November 2001 I looked over Jordan, and what did I see? [Boy George column] Sunday Express (UK)
18 November 2001 Past glory shines on Birmingham Sunday Mercury (UK)
17 November 2001 My first time Boyz (UK)
17 November 2001 Also-rans of 80s pop relive glory Manchester Evening News (UK)
16 November 2001 Eighties have grown on Kim South Wales Echo (UK)
16 November 2001 Rockery ‘n’ roll star Manchester Evening News (UK)
15 November 2001 Rollicking revival The Argus (UK)
14 November 2001 How Kim Wilde beat booze and despair to find her dream man Daily Express (UK)
14 November 2001 Kim’s wild life The Latest (UK)
13 November 2001 Oh no it’s the 80s Birmingham Post (UK)
12 November 2001 Starting big = winning! Joepie (Belgium)
12 November 2001 Weighty Eighties Birmingham Evening Mail (UK)
10 November 2001 Review – Here and Now Tour, Sheffield Arena Sheffield Star (UK)
9 November 2001 Heavenly night for nostalgic 80s fans Evening Chronicle (UK)
9 November 2001 Growing Wilde Birmingham Evening Mail (UK)
9 November 2001 Less hair but lots of heart and soul The Journal (UK)
9 November 2001 Review – The very best of Kim Wilde Sheffield Telegraph (UK)
9 November 2001 Review – Here and Now Tour, Newcastle Telewest Arena BBC Website (UK)
9 November 2001 Back to the Wilde The Argus (UK)
8 November 2001 Wilde flowers The Star (UK)
7 November 2001 Review – The very best of Kim Wilde What's on in London (UK)
7 November 2001 Wilde about motherhood The Journal (UK)
7 November 2001 Kim’s Wilde life Newcastle Evening Chronicle (UK)
7 November 2001 A Wilde flower What's on in London (UK)
5 November 2001 Step back in time The Big Issue (UK)
4 November 2001 Review – The Very Best Of Kim Wilde The Midlands Sunday Newspaper (UK)
4 November 2001 Kim Wilde: We’re the kids in the potting shed… The Independent (UK)
2 November 2001 Now that’s what I call an Eighties pop comeback Evening Standard magazine (UK)
2 November 2001 Kim goes back to her roots Hertfordshire Mercury (UK)
1 November 2001 Review – The Very best of Kim Wilde Thierry Martin website (UK)
1 November 2001 All back to my place Mojo (UK)
1 November 2001 Review – The Very Best Of Kim Wilde Q (UK)
1 November 2001 Review – The Very best of Kim Wilde Diàrio digital website (Portugal)
1 November 2001 Music previews: Here and Now – 1980s nostalgia Buzz (UK)
31 October 2001 Ask a silly question…: Kim Wilde TimeOut (UK)
30 October 2001 As a rock star I was overweight, depressed and single. Now I’m a wife and mother who’d rather spend time in the garden Daily Mail (UK)
30 October 2001 The personality test: Kim Wilde Hello! (UK)
26 October 2001 Still Wilde at heart OK! (UK)
25 October 2001 Review – The very best of Kim Wilde Herald Sun (Australia)
25 October 2001 Having a ‘Wilde’ time in centre’s magical garden Runcorn and Widnes World (UK)
25 October 2001 A place to play for peace Daily Post (UK)
12 October 2001 Home entertainment: Kim Wilde The Guardian (UK)
1 October 2001 The greatest show on earth Prima (UK)
29 September 2001 Could you be this year’s Gardening Handy Mandy? Daily Mirror (UK)
26 September 2001 Kim Wilde became a gardener: Pop queen found happiness Regina (Croatia)
23 September 2001 For hire: Eighties chart dinosaurs Sunday Express (UK)
22 September 2001 Hanging on the telephone with… Kim Wilde M; The Mirror Magazine (UK)
21 September 2001 Wilde about the Eighties South Wales Echo (UK)
17 September 2001 My therapy Daily Express (UK)
3 September 2001 How to grow a beautiful autumn garden Prima (UK)
1 September 2001 Flavour of the month Attitude (UK)
31 August 2001 Pop star-turned-celebrity gardening expert Kim Wilde, the gorgeous mother of two reveals her secrets for looking good and feeling great at 40 OK! (UK)
27 August 2001 A minute with… Kim Wilde Woman's own (UK)
6 August 2001 A garden to soothe your senses Prima (UK)
1 August 2001 Wilde at heart House Beautiful (UK)
29 July 2001 Just Wilde about Alice Sunday Business Post (Ireland)
22 July 2001 Kim’s making a pop comeback Wales on Sunday (UK)
20 July 2001 Garden gift to peace centre Manchester Evening News (UK)
20 July 2001 Review – Birgit BN De Stem (Netherlands)
14 July 2001 Kim Wilde, Top Ten Years: 1981 [unknown] (UK)
10 July 2001 Kim brings hope to the lost generation Sunday Express (UK)
2 July 2001 Mediterranean magic for your garden Prima (UK)
1 July 2001 Review – The Collection Q (UK)
14 June 2001 My life Daily Mirror (UK)
13 June 2001 It’s Kim Mild, Paul Old and Gone West! Daily Record (UK)
13 June 2001 Wilde about the 80s Daily Express (UK)
8 June 2001 Comeback Kim signs up for Eighties spectacular Evening Standard (UK)
4 June 2001 How to keep your garden bug free Prima (UK)
1 June 2001 Review – The Collection Record Collector (UK)
28 May 2001 Invaders have landed The Weekly News (UK)
27 May 2001 Petal pusher Sunday Telegraph (UK)
26 May 2001 Questionnaire: Kim Wilde Radio Times (UK)
22 May 2001 The last 5 things I bought: Kim Wilde Daily Mirror (UK)
20 May 2001 They said what…? The Observer (UK)
17 May 2001 The pop star who blossomed – Kim Wilde The Independent (UK)
9 May 2001 Another vintage show for Kim & co Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
9 May 2001 Wilde flower ON7 (UK)
7 May 2001 Create a fragrant garden Prima (UK)
5 May 2001 Swapped singing stardom for shrubs! The Weekly News (UK)
3 May 2001 Kim Wilde did my garden The Argus (UK)
1 May 2001 Kim has lost her wilde streak Glossy (Netherlands)
30 April 2001 Wilde garden Leicester Mercury (UK)
30 April 2001 Wilde about gardening Irish news (Ireland)
28 April 2001 Going Wilde in the garden Daily Mirror (UK)
28 April 2001 Wilde at heart & Star (UK)
28 April 2001 Call of the Wilde Yorkshire Post Magazine (UK)
28 April 2001 It’s a Wilde life [unknown] (UK)
27 April 2001 How does her garden grow? The TV mag (UK)
27 April 2001 Kitchen sink drama: Kim Wilde Saturday Magazine (UK)
25 April 2001 Wilde about Gardens What's on (UK)
25 April 2001 Kim Wilde (Blondus popstarus) TV Times (UK)
22 April 2001 Everyone’s talking about: Kim Wilde’s rebirth as a gardening expert The Observer (UK)
15 April 2001 Pop star to earth mother Sunday Magazine (UK)
14 April 2001 Famous then: Kim Wilde The Guardian (UK)
8 April 2001 My last good… You (UK)
4 April 2001 Stately luncheon boost for Vicki Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
2 April 2001 Top tips for easy gardening Prima (UK)
1 April 2001 Spotlight: Garden Invaders Gardeners World (UK)
1 April 2001 What is Kim Wilde doing now? Stern (Germany)
31 March 2001 Kim is just Wilde about gardening Amateur Gardening (UK)
21 March 2001 Wilde Rox Music Daily Star (UK)
5 March 2001 Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme… Prima (UK)
1 March 2001 Transcript of the Freeserve online chat Transcript of a chat organised by Freeserve (UK)
6 February 2001 Plane ace takes root Northwich Guardian (UK)
5 February 2001 Great plants for shady gardens Prima (UK)
1 February 2001 Just Wilde to help Hertfordshire (UK)
31 January 2001 New world record celebrated by Kim Wilde Countryside Properties press release (UK)
27 January 2001 The houses that green fingers built The Independent (UK)
25 January 2001 Kim backs tree-mendous record-breaker This is Cheshire website (UK)
19 January 2001 Tree record deal for ex-pop star Manchester Evening News (UK)
19 January 2001 Record tree via Zeebrugge Brugsch Handelsblad (Belgium)
17 January 2001 Tree nursery in Houtvenne transports biggest living tree across the Channel Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium)
17 January 2001 Nursery exports tree of 18 metres tall to Great Britain Het laatste nieuws (Belgium)
17 January 2001 Kim Wilde celebrates new world record Countryside Properties press release (UK)
2 January 2001 How to prune perfectly Prima (UK)
1 January 2001 The East & North Herts Breast Unit Appeal Vintage Car Rally and Line Dance fair 2001 Herts News website (UK)
1 January 2001 Going Wilde in the garden Country living (UK)
1 January 2001 Growing Wilde [unknown] (UK)
1 January 2001 Kim Wilde unzipped [unknown] (UK)
1 January 2001 Kim’s Wilde about gardening website (UK)
1 January 2001 Kim Wilde OK! (UK)