Comeback Kim signs up for Eighties spectacular

Get ready to shake your puffball skirt. With fashion already in the heady grip of an Eighties revival, it was only a matter of time before music followed suit.
After all, there’s no point in painstakingly recreating that retro look – stilettos and electric blue eye-liner for women, spiked mullet hair and stonewashed denim for men – unless you have somewhere suitable to show it off.
Now the dreams of die-hard Eighties revivalists have been answered, with news of a stadium concert featuring Kim Wilde, Paul Young, Go West, Nick Heyward, Curiosity Killed the Cat, T’Pau and Heaven 17.
No, not tribute bands, but the original performers, back from pop obscurity with The Greatest Eighties Tour Ever, which will come to the Wembley Arena on 15 November. Promoter Tony Denton said: “I’ve been working with some of these artists in various parts of the country, but the Eighties revival is getting so big now that I thought it was time to do a series of major concerts.
“Most of the stars have continued working in the industry, but they are obviously glad to be back in the limelight. And the response from fans has been amazing. People are really excited about having the chance to see all their favourite bands again. They will only be playing their hits – there will be no fillers, just hit after hit after hit.
“Partly it’s nostalgia and also it’s about having fun – which is what the Eighties were all about.”