Flavour of the month

The original princess of pop turned garden goddess, Kim Wilde, on food, booze and those lyrics.

Top bars/pubs that you hangout in?
We don’t really go out that much anymore. We do lots of entertaining with friends who come up from London. There are some really nice places in the village that we go to sometimes.

Favourite tipple?
I guess it would have to be wine. A nice cold Stella at the end of the day is pretty gorgeous as well.

Hangover cure?
Sense hasn’t taken over yet and I still love a drink. Hangovers are made all the more harrowing when you’ve got children so my cure would be a babysitter.

Are you a goddess of the kitchen as well as the garden?
Well I grew up in the country so I’ve always had an appreciation for the beauty of nature. I grow all my veg in the garden, like onions and garlic, but I’m lucky having a husband that loves cooking.

Which are your favourite restaurants?
I don’t really have a favourite but if anyone wants to take me out to the Thai restaurant at the Hempel in London, I’m up for it. I really admire the garden there.

Do you avoid celeb hangouts?
Well it’s weird because I never really feit part of that celeb thing. My career always afforded me to have a life. Even when I was at the height of fame I always felt very detached from that lifestyle. I think the British cynicism can actually be quite helpful in keeping your feet on the ground. So no, celeb hotspots are not my thing.

Which song do you most love performing?
Never Trust A Stranger. It’s dramatic, almost theatrical, yet very tongue in cheek.

Any comment on those infamous lyrics You Came?
It was actually a celebration of the birth of my brother’s first child, but then it could mean many things. Whatever floats your boat!

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